Wedding Guest Book Marker
Wedding Guest Book Marker

Wedding Guest Book Marker

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We have tested countless pens/markers/sharpies over the years and we have found these pens to be the best when it comes to pen stroke (no pun intended), fade resistant from sun exposure, and permanence. 

What is included: 

  1. Black acrylic ink pump tip pen for writing on VARNISHED paddles
  2. Instructions on how to use the pen
  3. Tips and tricks on how to seal the ink once it’s been applied to the paddle*

If you have interest in doing this but on an OIL finished paddle, we highly recommend going to a hardware store and getting a basic wood burning kit. 

If you have interest in a different color than black just send us an email

*These markers are not waterproof. If you do not seal the ink on the paddle before use in the water the ink will bleed


All paddles take up to 3 weeks to craft and 4-6 days in shipping.