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Camp Collection

Dock/Camp Paddles

Dock paddles are great for the canoe dock, outtrip or for resale to campers and staff. 

  • Constructed from a solid piece of maple
  • Can withstand the regular abuse common to canoe docks and outtrip
  • Designed to be both streamline and responsive
  • Durable – Easily survive 5+ years in a camp environment
  • Camp Paddles come in:    47", 50", 54", 57", 60" and 63" lengths

Co-Branding Options

How better to market your camp’s image than through a finely crafted paddle.  Fishell Paddles has a co-branding program allowing you to have your camp's logo branded onto the paddle. 

  • Great for awards or a camper keepsake
  • Offers a unique opportunity to grow your business and your brand

Paddle Blanks

Provide your campers with the ability to carve their own paddle.  Our paddle blanks allow campers to go home with a sense of accomplishments. 

  • Comes pre-dressed, with 90% of the wood removed
  • Campers can carve a paddle in as little as 4 hours using only a Surform® and sandpaper.
  • Made from Tulip wood, which is light weight, durable and relatively easy to carve.
  • Full Paddle Blanks come in: 47", 50", 54", 57", 60" and 63" lengths
  • Mini Paddle Blanks are available in 24" and 29" lengths

Mini Paddles

We offer 24” and 29” mini paddles. 

  • Beautiful hand crafted keepsakes
  • Great as awards for alumni, skill achievements or for special recognition
  • Custom Mini paddles also available to your specifications; great for hanging in camp dining hall as trip plaques or however you choose to utilize them.


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