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If you have pictures of our paddles in use and want to submit them to the gallery, please send them to

My brother just picked me up one of your paddles a week or two ago...I've been dreaming about one for quite some to say it is the best paddle I've ever had the privilege of using (and I grew up with a  Ray K)!  It looks absolutely stunning, gorgeous grain and handiwork...but where it shines is in the water, powerful, precise and smooth as a baby's ass.  Thanks for making such a great piece of work, truly one of a kind. – Simon Willis Aug. 2017


Love my new paddle. - Don Buckingham July 2017.  Allagash River Maine (Ash 64" Modified Special with oil finish)

 Customer photo from Instagram (Buckhorn Ontario)



Trevor Fishell's own custom paddle.  Nice to have the pick of the litter (64" Modified Special - Curly Cherry)



Happy customer out fishing (61" Special)



Greg's first Whitewater paddle! (prototype).  Stay tuned we will be working on perfecting it.


Randy's paddle at home in Florida (61" Special )


Spencer at Rocky Defile rapids in Nunavut (64" Modified Ottertail)