Handmade Wooden Canoe Paddles

Fishell Paddles is your premier provider for the best wooden handmade canoe paddles. Each paddle is designed to ensure a high standard of quality, leaving your finished product without any defects. Ultimately, our products are highly durable and can withstand years of use during your canoeing adventures. Our simple, cleanly designed paddles show off the detail and effort put into each piece, highlighting the fine wood we build our paddles with. We produce various designs of handmade paddles depending on your preferred canoe style.

For more information on our handmade wooden canoe paddles, or if you are interested in purchasing your own, contact Greg today. We can provide you with the canoe paddle that perfectly fits your canoeing style.

what our customers have to say


I've ordered two different paddles from Fishell Paddles so far at different times. Both paddles are an absolute work of art that I hang in my office in the off-season. They're now the only paddles I use while canoeing.

Mark Bailey

Woburn, MA


Just recieved my 3rd Fishell paddle (Ash Ray's Special) to go along with my pair of Cherry Modified Ottertails (pictured) and I couldn't be happier...

Dave Trudell

Deep River, ON Canada


Incredible service, phenomenal product. Over the phone, Greg was extremely helpful, present and generous of knowledge and passion for paddling...

James Gagne

Toronto, ON Canada


Wow! Ray's Specials are special, The folks at Fishell paddles are so easy to work with when ordering, expert at making you the length you need(even when you don't know)...

Travis Hardesty

Eldon, MO


Greg is an awesome guy! I corresponded via email, always recieved a fast response and my questions where answered. I ordered a quill with a 3 week time line and the paddle was made and shipped to my home in a week and a half!!

Randy Coulas

Stratford, ON Canada


You can have your bent shafts and fat laminates and carbon fibre lightweights.

I'll take my cherry Ray Special...

Jim Hayhurst

Victoria, BC Canada