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Custom Request

Looking for a custom canoe paddle? How about custom laser engraving?

Its simple! Just email Greg Fishell All he needs is the following:

Copy the list below and paste it into an email, and answer the questions. 

  1. Number of paddles?
  2. Model of paddle(s)?
  3. Wood(s)?
  4. Size(s)
  5. Varnish or Oil finish on paddle(s)?
  6. Laser engraving? yes or no?
  7. ^if yes, please attach a png or jpeg image, or text you want written (see examples of images below)

If you're looking to simply have a hand written name added to a paddle, no need to email Greg. Instead just add what you want written in the "Special instructions for Greg" section in your cart. Yes its free!


Laser Engraving request: $45 for one paddle per logo, if you want the same logo/image/wording added to another paddle from the same order just add $5 per paddle. 

Here are some examples of what we have done for other customers: