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1. Number of paddles?
2. Model of paddle(s)?
3. Wood(s)?
4. Size(s)
5. Varnish or Oil finish on paddle(s)?***
6. Laser engraving? yes or no?^if yes, please attach a png or jpeg image, or text you want written (see examples of images below)

***If you are unsure about the finish, we recommend sticking with varnish.

If you're looking to simply have a hand written name added to a paddle, no need to email Greg. Instead just add what you want written in the "Special Instructions for Greg" section in your cart. Yes its free!

Laser Engraving: $45 for one paddle per logo, if you want the same logo/image/wording added to another paddle from the same order its $5 more per paddle. 

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Custom Request

Many times, as you are looking for a product just for you, there may be many options; however, even with these options, you can’t find the perfect style for yourself. The same holds true with our canoe paddles at Fishell Paddles. We offer different types of wood that leave your paddles with different colors; if this still isn’t to your liking, we can go even further to provide you with the perfect custom canoe paddles. At Fishell Paddles, we aim to leave our customers overly satisfied with the finished product they receive. Our paddles boast the highest degree of quality, beauty, and craftsmanship possible for a custom canoe paddle, giving you complete pride in your new product.

Ways You Can Personalize Your Custom Canoe Paddle

To ensure you receive a custom canoe paddle built exactly to your specifications, we take the extra step to offer many different styling options to your canoe paddles. Some of the modifications are included below.

Bulk Orders: Typically used by those who operate a campground or recreation area, we ask that you place a custom order for bulk purchases of canoe paddles. We’ll then be more than capable of delivering your products.

Laser Engraving: For a personalized touch, we give you the option to have a name, quote, or other lettering of special importance to your custom paddle. If you choose to have an image engraved, you may upload a picture below.

Oil Finish: We offer both oil and varnish finishes for our paddles. Double-boiled linseed oil is used as our oil finish, while high-quality marine varnish is used for varnish finishes. Both options create a more unique look for your paddle.

Wood Type: Different types of wood create different feels of paddles. Whether you like your custom canoe paddles to be flexible or tough, heavy or lightweight, or various wood colors, we have the right material for you. Our offerings include Ash, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut.

For more information on the custom canoe paddles we can design and build for you, if you want to purchase your own set of custom canoe paddles, or if you have any further questions, contact us today. Using our many years of professional experience, we take the time to ensure that the custom canoe paddles you’re receiving go above and beyond your expectations. We’re proud to deliver a full-service solution that is unique to your preferences and is exactly what you ordered.