Selecting the Right Paddle

When selecting a paddle you need to take into consideration the type of canoeing you do. Many of our customers choose to own several paddles to meet different needs; one paddle for tripping and another for solo canoeing. This way they have the exact blade they need for the type of paddling they are performing. No matter your activity our paddles are excellent for extensive tripping, day trips, paddling around the cottage or whatever activity you have in mind.

To choose the right style we suggest you read over the styles offered and learn about their unique benefits and characteristics to determine what style best suits the paddling you do and your paddling style.

Will you be mostly paddling solo, or tandem? If tandem, and you think you'd like a Special or Modified Special, your partner should have something similar in order to match your stroke.


For Ottertails and Modified Ottertails, measure the distance between the floor and your nose.  The sweet spot is between nose and chin. This will provide the approximate length you will need.  Keep in mind if the paddler is still growing, its fine to order one that is 1 to 2 inches longer so they can grow into it.

For Specials and Modified Specials please refer to the chart below:

For Quills please specify the length of the shaft as well as the blade at the time of ordering.