2nd - 61&
2nd - 61&
2nd - 61&

2nd - 61' Cherry Ray Special

Regular price $180.25 USD Sale price$146.45 USD

2nds are paddles that don't meet my standards. So we offer them at a discounted rate. 

Your choice of finish, and if you wish to add a leather wrap to the paddle. 

The images are the defect in the paddle, this paddle has small worm holes in the blade that have been filled with black super glue to stabilize it. 

Although we don't offer any warranty on 2nds, I will say, this paddle will get many years of use out of it. 

2nds are not customizable and come as is.  

- Greg Fishell

All paddles take up to 3 weeks to craft and 4-6 days in shipping.